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Alireza Vaziri
Creative Art Director

Branding is what people say about you, when you are not in the room.

Remove everything unnecessary. Resist the onslaught of secondary ideas that come with your primary one. Don’t adulterate. The most effective way of refining your work is to keep it short and simple. “I didn’t really do anything,” explained Michelangelo when asked how he created David. “The statue already existed in the block of stone. All I did was remove everything unnecessary.” Rumi advises us not to talk too much, to use the fewest words possible. Consider this idea when telling your stories, when designing your ideas, when selecting images, when living life.

My name is ALIREZA VAZIRI. I’m a Creative Art Director. Creative thinking allows me to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary. There are no boundaries and I can create everything with nothing. My experiences in Advertising have armed me with a very broad skill set, from managing the creative teams I’ve worked with, to be responsible for the design, creative concepts, and final outputs. I work very hard to get the best from the teams I work with and to push creativity to achieve our clients’ goals. Fundamentally I’m passionate about the creative process, and I am a leader in digital creativity in particular. I believe in the value of creative excellence and its value to the development and maintenance of great brands. I have a thorough understanding of modern agency process, and I can integrate into an existing project or team at any stage; bringing insight, ideas or execution as needed; or take the project from end-to-end. Understanding the psychology behind consumer behavior makes for more effective campaigns. It can be powerful in shaping content strategy and informing creative approach. I always consider how I can adapt my methods and ideas to suit particular audiences, ensuring the right message gets to the right people.  With 10 years of agency experience with clients including Samsung, Unilever, Nestle, Kalleh, Sony and Renault. I also really enjoy design itself. My works have earned top honors for design excellence from Cow international design festival (Ukraine), Shanghai Biennial of Asia Graphic Design(China), PDP Visual communication competition (Serbia), Graphic Stories Bienal (Cyprus), Russia Design Association, Silver Cypress International graphic design exhibition(Iran) and etc. I have a huge passion & enthusiasm for inventing though-provoking ideas and the focus to lead projects from start to finish. I’m always open to talk, collaborations, new ideas, suggestions, etc.
I have learned to think big but still care about the small details.

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  • Creative Art Direction
  • Design Process
  • Creative Thinking
  • Digital Marketing
  • Campaign Ideas


Creative Director  | Consultant | 2017-Current 

I working with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams and marketers to create a vision for products sold. These days I plan an advertising strategy, oversee the creative process and give guidance to the brands. | www.avstudio.ir

Creative Director | Felesh Advertising Agency | 2013-2017

Felesh has started its work as a full-service advertising agency in 1382 in various fields of advertising such as branding, campaign strategy, media plan, creative design, production, printing. Some of Felesh agency’s clients: Samsung, Renault, Lenovo, Pakban, etc. | www.felesh.co

Creative Art Director | Magnolia Advertising Agency | 2011-2013

Art Director | Atibal Design Studio | 2010-2011

Senior Graphic Designer | Persia Media(PMG) Advertising Agency | 2009-2010

PMG (Persia Media) Advertising Agency was established in 2006. PMG was LG electronic exclusive Ad agency for 7 years. PMG is an Advertising Agency focused on Creative, TV Commercial Production and Broadcasting and BTL advertising. | www.pmgad.ir

Graphic Designer | Vispar Design Studio | 2008-2009


Cow international design festival, Ukraine| 2018

PDP Visual communication competition, Serbia| 2018

Graphic Stories Design Bienal, Cyprus | 2018

Russia Design Association Award | 2018

Colorado CO2 Poster Biennal, USA | 2017

Typography day Poster exhibition, India | 2016

Persian Garden, Poster Exhibition, USA | 2017

The 4th Shanghai Biennial of Asia Graphic Design, China | 2017

International graphic design exhibition, 5th Silver Cypress, Iran | 2017

Communication Arts(Commarts) Typography competition, USA | 2017

TeamMeli (Iran National Soccer Team) Bus Branding, Iran | 2017

International poster contest, To Death With a Smile, Mexico | 2017

The 4th International Socio-political poster Biennale, Poland | 2016

International graphic design exhibition, 4th Silver Cypress, Iran | 2015

Best packaging design exhibition (Basteha), Iran | 2014

International poster competition “Mut zur Wut 2012, Germany | 2013

Spilet travel agency branding competition, Iran | 2012

Aarhus International Poster Show “To be Human, Denmark | 2012

Armanicenter Logo Design competition, Iran | 2009

Best scene design in Art Students Theater Festival, Iran | 2008

Telecomino Logo Design competition, Iran | 2008

Roshd photography festival, Iran | 2007

Qualify for Photo Contest – www.roshdmag.ir – 2007